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Industry-specific & application-oriented for the optimal solution

Whether in rail transport, in the construction industry, in production or in plant engineering - data is generated in every branch of industry. That's why we offer high-quality devices from our own production, which also serve as data loggers and gateways, specialised for your area.

Distributed and mobile systems

Movable goods and machines are in a different place at any time. Nevertheless, or precisely for this reason, it is important to always have the operating data in view. The current state of the machine and any faults that may occur can thus be analysed remotely and, if necessary, remedied or, in the best case, even prevented in advance. The harsh environment on e.g. construction sites or railways places special demands on the installed devices.

Stationary systems

Compared to mobile machines, fixed production facilities or other stationary systems often have a very different set of requirements. Ensuring a stable connection is less of a challenge than, for example, ensuring the lowest possible latency for milisecond reactions to events. With our many years of experience in this sector, we make your industrial digitalisation a reality.

optiMEAS solutions for rail transport

Rail transport

In the field of railway industry offers optiMEAS Products for online diagnosis (condition monitoring) for locomotives or entire trains.

Whether locating locomotives & wagons, fleet management, temperature monitoring or a mileage counter. By processing a large number of data channels such as drives, battery voltages, doors and toilet tanks, complete trains can be maintained more predictively via intelligent diagnostic systems.

Mobile machines

Especially in mechanical engineering, the smooth running of work processes is of particular importance. The monitoring of mobile machines, plant components (such as pumps and motors) as well as structures and the associated mobile and intelligent diagnosis of vehicles is one of our core competences. Whether as a flexible gateway on the test bench, as a black box system for localising and evaluating hidden sources of error in control units & vehicles or as a robust remote maintenance solution in mobile machinery.

Mobile machines
optiMEAS solutions for energy and environment

Energy & Environment

Specially designed as an intelligent diagnostic system for use in the field of power engineering or plant construction offers optiMEAS Monitoring systems adapted to the requirements of the energy industry. High investment security & operational reliability, large dielectric strength and insulation distances, as well as a wide supply voltage range with tested IT security. Events can be isolated and evaluated or data can be continuously acquired and recorded. The system can fit seamlessly into switchgear and substations.

Mining & Geology

Specially developed for geological and geophysical measurements, our mobile measuring systems function for the autonomous acquisition, storage and evaluation of seismic data. The synchronous monitoring of seismic events in nature and in construction enables timely alarming when limit values are exceeded.This serves to localise seismic processes and qualify events that can trigger an alarm according to customer-specific specifications. At the same time, there is permanent measurement, long-term monitoring and documentation of specific parameters.

Mining shaft tower
optiMEAS solutions for plant engineering and production

Equipment & Production

The basis for intelligent plant automation is the collection and evaluation of large amounts of data. With regard to this optiMEAS IoT solutions to make your data streams more accessible for process optimisation and automation. From the edge device to the cloud to the user interface, we manage the digital transformation of your machine and plant automation technology. Thanks to continuous and loss-free data transmission, the foundation for flexible automation systems can be laid.

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