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SmartMini Monitoring system for vibration measurements Logo smartGEOLOG Logo smartGEOLOG

The complete system is designed for geological and geophysical vibration measurements in harsh environments. smartGEOLOG specialised. It is suitable for real-time monitoring of construction activities as well as for long-term monitoring of structures and other vibration sources.

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smartGEOLOG compact

  • Seamless data recording
  • Integrated alarm system
  • Highly accurate synchronisation of distributed devices
  • High sampling rate up to 5 kHz
  • Robust with low power consumption
  • DIN 4150-compliant

Smart Seisometer

smartGEOLOG is based on the smartMINI and has been adapted to the requirements of vibration measurements by means of hardware and software modules. Integrated acceleration sensors record vibrations with high accuracy.

Compliant with DIN 4150

DIN 4150 specifies, among other things, how the influence of vibrations on structural installations is to be measured and evaluated. The binding limit values for short-term and permanent vibrations can be measured via app directly in the smartGEOLOG integrated. In the event of exceedances, an alarm is automatically triggered.

Synchronized and intelligent

Standing over large areas smartGEOLOGThe seismic devices record seismic events time-synchronously with a resolution of better than ten microseconds. Intelligent calculation functions in the cloud server ensure that false events triggered by disturbance factors are reliably detected and eliminated.

Special software SeismoSuite

The optimal supplement for smartGEOLOG is the SeismoSuite. Tailored to seismological monitoring, the software tool offers extensive evaluation and alarm functions:

  • Input and adaptation of model and geometry data
  • Scripts for the automated determination of the shaft inserts
  • Localization Algorithms
  • Magnitude Calculations
  • GeoMaps for the presentation of results
  • Alarm in the event of a threshold value being exceeded

Typical applications

  • Mobile monitoring of vibration sources
  • Localization and qualification of seismic events
  • Long-term monitoring of structures and in mining
  • Immission control in rail and road traffic
  • Monitoring of blasting and construction measures
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use case

Timely alerting of earthworks in the mining area

K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies on behalf of LMBV mbH

In 2009, three people died in a landslide at Concordia Lake, a partially flooded opencast mine near Nachterstedt. For timely alerting in case of unforeseeable slope movements, the K-UTEC AG installed a network of robust smartGEOLOG-systems.

With their help, the area is seismologically monitored and thus the rehabilitation is secured. Via the smartGEOLOG-All seismic events are detected, recorded and evaluated with a very high resolution using vibration sensors connected to the system.

In the event of a threshold being exceeded, an automatic alarm is immediately triggered by traffic lights and an acoustic signal. Thanks to this early warning system, people working in the danger area can be warned in time of any new landslide. Recorded data is also used for more in-depth evaluations.

"In the development of the SeismoSuite there is a good flow of work with fixed contacts on both sides, where we contribute our ideas and wishes for new software components. In combination with the know-how of optiMEAS a high-quality state-of-the-art product is created."

Daniel Blumrich
Development K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies

Technical data sheet: smartGEOLOG