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With the IoT platform optiCLOUD you shorten the path to your digitisation success.

The optiCLOUD is the highly scalable Internet platform from optiMEAS for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and can be used in all industries.

With the optiCLOUD network your machines, vehicles, components or entire plants. You reliably consolidate recorded machine data, process it intelligently, trigger alarms and actions and gain valuable insights for business optimisation.

You can start directly

The optiCLOUD already provides all the functions required to bring transparency to machine and plant processes, to monitor and control them and to implement new, data-supported business models.

Nor do you need to worry about issues such as storage volume, interfaces or data security. The optiCLOUD is ready to use, established and offers the highest level of data security.

Language, appearance, operation and content can be customised quickly and easily. Functions can be switched on step by step as required. optiMEAS guides you safely through the whole process.

The right platform
for your IoT project

The optiCLOUD serves as a central storage, communication and control unit for a wide range of IoT applications.

On the one hand, it provides seamless live data for your real-time analyses.

In addition, the detailed, high-resolution measurement data streams, which provide a deep insight into the physical processes, are also used in the optiCLOUD collected. This data enables you to use artificial intelligence and Big Data analyses to make industrial processes smarter in the long term and to detect things that would otherwise be undetectable.

Even large amounts of data generated in a very short time are stored and processed by the optiCLOUD optimal. Data and functions are available to the authorised user via any internet-capable end device ? at any time and any place.

optiCLOUD on different devices

Basic functions

  • Fleet overview (?control room?)
  • Definition of rule chains for alarms, notifications & actions
  • Planner for the automatic triggering of control chains
  • Customer-specific settings, e.g. of the cloud interface
  • User administration
  • Device management
  • Customised visualisation interface / dashboard

The optiCLOUD enables you to integrate any edge devices, measuring devices & data suppliers.

The optiCLOUD integrates any number of devices at globally distributed locations. It is perfectly matched to the devices of optiMEAS. But the integration of other 'data suppliers' is also very simple.

Only the open message protocol MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is required to connect live data. This allows platform and device-independent data to be sent to the optiCLOUD sent and, if required, received ? from smartphone apps or controller devices as well as from Linux- or Windows-based systems.

High-resolution measurement data, image and video files are transmitted via the HTTPS protocol. Firmware updates or new unit configurations are also carried out via secure HTTPS communication.

opticloud Compact

  • For industrial applications
  • Easy to use, optics in own design
  • Device connection in the shortest possible time
  • Very large amounts of data
  • Connection of any third-party devices
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Trigger alarms and retrieve statistics
  • Automatic reports
  • Direct access via REST API
  • Automated software rollouts
  • Role-based user administration
  • Hosting models SaaS, PaaS, On Premise

for machines & processes

Screen interactivity

Interactive fleet & asset management

Complete fleets under control

The fleet or plant overview is the ideal introduction. Individually configurable list and map views present higher-level information on the location, operating and utilisation status of networked machines, vehicles or components. Configurable dashboards visualise the necessary detailed information on routes, statistics or trends. Devices can be controlled directly via remote access.

Connect & manage devices quickly

plug and play

Deploying, managing and configuring any number of acquisition systems is exceptionally easy. Every new smart device and every device that supports integration is connected to the optiCLOUD within minutes and transmits both live data and high-resolution measurement data files to the cloud.

Access worldwide at any time

Devices can be remotely controlled and configured individually and across devices. Apps for logger, alarm and other functions as well as updates for firmware and software are conveniently installed over-the-air (OTA) so that they are always up to date.

Screen connection to external systems
Pictogram live data

Visualize & analyze live data according to your needs

Meaningful dashboards

Clear dashboards provide users with the real-time information needed for the task around the clock. If necessary, they can react immediately and errors and downtimes are minimised.

Own look & feel

Dashboards can be easily and quickly adapted to individual wishes and requirements. A construction kit with more than 80 widgets is available for configuration: Graphic elements such as traffic lights, dial gauges, status and scatter diagrams, history displays and trend displays as well as interactive operating elements for switching and control tasks on the recording device.

Effortlessly define alarms & actions

Using live data for optimization

Many IoT applications can be implemented directly in the cloud. The graphically programmable rule engine quickly defines how live data streams are to be evaluated and which events automatically trigger defined actions. Alarms in the event of limit deviations and any other logic function are possible.

Examples of automatic event processing
  • Precalculation of live data
  • Data filtering
  • Automatic alarm generation when limit values are exceeded
  • Direct forwarding of data values
  • Automatic notifications and actions for defined triggers
  • Geofencing
  • Automatic report generation
Control machines and processes remotely

As the optiCLOUD not only receives data, but also connects the digital outputs of the smart devices the system is ideally suited for process control ? both during service calls and in productive operation. The control takes place interactively via the dashboard interface or automatically via predefined processes.

Simply integrate business IT & external systems

Added value through optiCLOUD REST API

Via the open REST API, all cloud functions are available for further Industrie 4.0 applications and business processes. Machine and operating data can be directly integrated into ERP and other company systems ? for maintenance planning with demand-oriented spare parts ordering as well as for usage-based billing in pay-per-use models.

Retrieve & evaluate high-resolution measurement data

Build up valuable process knowledge

Analyses of the unfiltered measurement data provide valuable detailed knowledge about the dynamic, physical processes within the machine. With the help of artificial intelligence and the necessary domain knowledge, patterns and dependencies can be recognised. Rules derived from this can be transferred into algorithms and device apps for new IoT applications.

Direct analysis with optiCONTROL and optiMATOR

Which with each smart device delivered software optiCONTROL offers convenient access to the measurement data files and numerous functions for interactive data viewing and evaluation. The software is designed for automated analysis processes such as the routine calculation of relevant characteristic values. optiMATOR specialised. The plug-in-based concept enables the integration of freely defined analysis processes (e.g. Python scripts).

Open for specialised evaluation tools

Proven standard software can be connected via the REST API, for example X-Frame/DIAdem (measX/NI), MATLAB (MathWorks) or FAMOS (imc). All data collected in the optiCLOUD can be imported quickly and is directly available for statistical and in-depth analyses.

optiControl screen measurement data

Do you have further questions about optiCLOUD?

Then we have the answers! And suitable solutions for all aspects of digital networking. We look forward to hearing from you and presenting our products - from measurement modules to intelligent edge devices to cloud solutions - as well as our comprehensive consulting services.