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Railway diagnostic and monitoring conference 2023

Diagnostic and monitoring conference 2023 20 April - 21 April 2023 The programme is dedicated to current developments and experiences in the monitoring of rail vehicles. A special focus will be on the assignability of the collected data to individual assets as well as the exchange of data and findings between different systems.

Free smartCORE® Community Edition for Raspberry Pi

Free smartCORE® Community Edition for Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular single-board computers for tinkerers and hobbyists. With the free Community Edition of our IoT firmware smartCORE®, the Raspberry Pi becomes the ultimate playground for the Internet of Things brand. At the same time, the

Newsletter: create connected change

create connected change. The newsletter all about digital potential with a view beyond the end of one's nose Published by: Burkhard Schranz, Managing Partner of optiMEAS GmbH Germany/Switzerland With our new newsletter ?create connected change.? we want to network on exciting and enriching topics all about digital potential ? but

otpiMEAS Alea: The new children's book

Soon our new children's book ?Herzvernetzt? will be published. The second volume of our children's book series with Alea is about our values in dealing with each other. This time, the focus is on a school project that Alea creates with her friend Pippo. Alea's mum is also involved and accompanies the project.