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Meeting of Burkhard, Markus, Ratnesh

Press release: optiMEAS and Alpha Diagnostics enter into partnership

optiMEAS and Alpha Diagnostics enter into partnership for advanced machine monitoring Clever together: out-of-the-box machine diagnostics (Friedrichsdorf/Reinach, 25.11.2022) The expert for machine diagnostics Alpha Diagnostics and digitalisation specialist optiMEAS have agreed on a close cooperation. The aim is the advanced condition monitoring of heavy machinery in ships, rail vehicles and industrial applications, in order to improve their operational management and

Free smartCORE® Community Edition for Raspberry Pi

Free smartCORE® Community Edition for Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular single-board computers for tinkerers and hobbyists. With the free Community Edition of our IoT firmware smartCORE®, the Raspberry Pi becomes the ultimate playground for the Internet of Things brand. At the same time, the

Newsletter: create connected change

create connected change. The newsletter all about digital potential with a view beyond the end of one's nose Published by: Burkhard Schranz, Managing Partner of optiMEAS GmbH Germany/Switzerland With our new newsletter ?create connected change.? we want to network on exciting and enriching topics all about digital potential ? but

otpiMEAS Alea: The new children's book

Soon our new children's book ?Herzvernetzt? will be published. The second volume of our children's book series with Alea is about our values in dealing with each other. This time, the focus is on a school project that Alea creates with her friend Pippo. Alea's mum is also involved and accompanies the project.

Using IoT to combat thick air in inner cities

Using IoT to combat thick air in inner cities. In many cities, the air poses a high health risk because it contains too much particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. The smart Filter Cubes from MANN+HUMMEL succeed in reducing the pollutant load of the outside air. An IoT device from optiMEAS controls the demand-based,

How IoT measurement technology improves the maintenance of railway components

Optimise rail transport maintenance and service through IoT. The maintenance of rail vehicles is very time-consuming. Especially the overhaul of the bogies requires a longer downtime and causes high costs for the operators of the vehicles. The right sensor technology, combined with a smart edge device, enables the optimisation of maintenance intervals

Social advertising made easy: lead generation campaign with Social DNA

Social advertising is child's play. In cooperation with Social DNA and with the help of our children's book "Digi...wer, was?" we were able to achieve a successful lead campaign and thus bring the topic of digitalisation closer to our "little ones". The two-stage brand awareness campaign As the last post already revealed, the two-stage brand awareness campaign was launched in the first quarter.

Create Connected Change

Create Connected Change Impressions and leitmotifs of the current social media campaign. The special focus is on the areas of railways, mobile machinery and geology, where the optiMEAS experts already have many years of expertise. Digitally better on rail Avoid damage, increase availability, improve quality! The
optiMEAS solutions for rail transport

Monitoring of railway components

Testing railway components in the on-board network. Functional tests and performance measurements under real conditions are indispensable for the development and testing of traction unit components. In the on-board network, a few but sometimes large consumers that are frequently switched on and off cause voltage peaks, high currents and large reactive power components. Added to this are micro-interruptions of the power supply at the current collector

Business with Her(t)z

Anniversary Statements Voices of optiMEAS employees on the occasion of the 10th anniversary. After the anniversary, we wanted to let the employees who have brought optiMEAS this far have their say. Here you can find excerpts of their views on optiMEAS. Furthermore we would like to thank again